Political Tidbits: Everyone is still talking about Sarah Palin

  • The Washington Post editorial page says Palin’s refusal, in her ABC interview, to “second guess” Israel about a potential Iran strike leaves a big question unanswered – would she permit Israeli forces to fly through U.S.-controlled airspace to make such an attack?
  • MSNBC’s Chris Matthews didn’t like Palin’s “second guess” answer, but was he reporting her response correctly? Newsbusters doesn’t think so.
  • Robert Schlesinger of U.S. News and World Report blogged that Palin’s constant repetition of “second guess” reminded him of a famous scene in the classic film “This Is Spinal Tap.”
  • Beth Reinhard writes that Jews should “demand” to know more about Sarah Palin’s views on Jews for Jesus and Israel.
  • Frank Rich in the New York Times argues that Palin’s use of a quote by the anti-Semitic Westbrook Pegler in the “most chilling passage” of her convention speech demonstrates the Republicans’ return to the “vitriolic animus of right-wing populism.”
  • The McClatchy News Service examines what’s “on the record” about Palin’s religous beliefs.
  • ABC’s Jake Tapper has news of “The Great Schlep” for Obama, along with more on Michelle Obama’s rabbi cousin.
  • Editor & Publisher investigates why copies of the anti-radical Islam DVD “Obsession” are being inserted into newspapers in “swing states.”
  • Edward Luce of the Financial Times attends a tai chi class in Miami Beach to find undecided Jewish voters – who raise questions about Palin and Barack Obama.
  • Joseph Epstein, in the Wall Street Journal, discusses about why he’s a Jewish Republican – which he calls thinking “outside the lox.”
  • “If there’s any year when a blind rabbi is going to get elected to Congress, this figures to be the one,” writes Peter Applebome in the New York Times about New Jersey congressional challenger Dennis Shulman.
  • Israel’s chief negotiator on the Oslo Accords, Uri Savir, tells the Jerusalem Post that the “peace process” would be better served by Barack Obama than by John McCain.
  • Two St. Paul Jews, Paul and Paula Maccabee, criticize the Republican Jewish Coalition’s ad campaign with an op-ed in the American Jewish World newspaper.
  • The Republican Jewish Coalition’s blog is defending that John McCain ad claiming Barack Obama supported “sex education” for kindergarteners, even though nonpartisan observers say it’s false.

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