Political tidbits: A West Bank rabbi for Obama
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Political tidbits: A West Bank rabbi for Obama

  • A George Mason University professor and rabbi has news of a West Bank, pro-settlement rabbi for Obama. Rabbi Menachem Frohman, in an open letter to Obama, says his election “will be God’s outstretched hand for peace.”
  • Haaretz’s Shlomo Shamir says Rabbis for Obama is one sign of the increasing influence of rabbis in the Jewish community.
  • After a week talking to people in Israel, the Israel Policy Forum’s M.J. Rosenberg writes on TPMCafe that Israelis are now backing Obama.
  • Caroline Glick, in the Jerusalem Post, says Sarah Palin would have delivered a “remarkable speech” at the anti-Iran rally, but Jewish Democrats prevented it because they value abortion more than Israel.
  • Rush Limbaugh, in an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, uses the anti-Iran rally fiasco as an example of Democrats not wanting to “unify” on anything – but he gets the facts wrong when he blames the Obama campaign for the disinvitation to Palin.
  • Jennifer Rubin rounds up the negative reactions of some Jewish groups to Palin’s disinvitation.
  • Clyde Haberman in the New York Times on how the annual visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes “some normally sensible New Yorkers lose their bearings” – and this year it was the Jewish organizations’ turn.
  • Minnesota Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken admits that he did suggest an idea that turned into a Saturday Night Live sketch this past weekend making fun of John McCain’s ads – but didn’t write it and says he didn’t even realize it would turn into a sketch. (By the way, it wasn’t nearly as funny as the Palin-Clinton sketch the previous week.)