Political tidbits: Is Bubbie’s vote really that important?

  • Writing in The New Republic, Nate Silver explains “Why your Bubbie will not decide the election” – no matter how many grandchildren make The Great Schlep.
  • Barack Obama tells a group of mostly Jewish donors in Detroit why he likes the Jewish New Year.
  • Abba Spero, in the Jewish Press, compares John McCain and the rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto.
  • Former New York Mayor Ed Koch hits the campaign trail in South Florida, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
  • Cox News Service checks out the “army” the Obama campaign is building in Florida to sway Jewish voters.
  • What will the “Palin Effect” be? Bradley Burston explores that question in Ha’aretz.
  • Jeffrey Goldberg, blogging at The Atlantic, says Sarah Palin demonstrated “terrifying ignorance” when asked about Hamas’s electoral victory in Gaza.
  • The Wall Street Journal on campaign yarmulkes – and whether they’re appropriate for synagogue.
  • Over at Ynet, Israeli Likudnik Yoram Ettinger compares the worldviews of the two presidential candidates – turns out he isn’t a fan of Obama.
  • In the Huffington Post, Sherman Yellen argues it is “deeply offensive to any Jewish voter who cares about Israel” for the presidential candidates to “exploit” fears of an Iranian attack on Israel.
  • Marilyn Henry, in the Jerusalem Post, examines the role of clergy and houses of worship in politics.
  • Thirty-three pastors endorsed candidates from their pulpits yesterday, hoping to get sued.
  • As Congress races to vote on the big bailout before Rosh Hashanah starts, here’s a look at House Democrats’ point man on the bill, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who quips that “it’s a well-known rule” that “God will only hear your prayers if you’re in your congressional district.”
  • And some background on Eric Cantor’s role in the bailout drama, as one of the House Republicans who helped scuttle the original plan.

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