Political tidbits: Coleman takes lead over Franken, D.C.day schoolers back Obama

  • Norm Coleman has taken a four-point lead over Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate race, according to a new poll. That’s Coleman’s biggest lead since April. But Bill Clinton will be appearing with Franken tonight.
  • How “Joe the Senator,” aka Joe Lieberman, is helping John McCain in Ohio, according to the Washington Post.
  • Washington Jewish Week finds that Jewish day school students in the Washington, D.C. area overwhelmingly back Obama — to the tune of 65 percent — but the Orthodox day school students give 59 percent of their votes to McCain.
  • Stephen Spector has “Five Questions for Sarah Palin,” including “Why does she support Israel?” and “Does she believe in witchcraft?” in the Jerusalem Post.
  • The Jewish Week investigates Aish HaTorah’s connections to the film “Obsession” and talks to Jewish leaders about the film.
  • Washington Jewish Week endorses Barack Obama, calling him the candidate with “the best chance of gaining renewed trust and respect for our nation.”
  • Two Holocaust survivors endorse Obama in the Palm Beach Post, saying he’ll protect Obama and support “Holocaust survivors’ rights to dignity and justice.”
  • Dennis Ross defends Obama’s relationship with Rashid Khalidi at a appearance on behalf of Obama in Virginia Beach Tuesday night, responding “He’s someone that he has known. I know him too. Because I know him does that somehow reflect on me?”
  • Joe Biden defends his running mate’s Israel bona fides in Florida, reports Reuters.
  • Stewart Ain in The Jewish Week talks to Florida Jews who have switched from McCain to Obama — mostly because of Sarah Palin.
  • Obama may be doing better among Jewish voters because of his “revitalized, re-legitimized and repackaged liberalism,” writes Jim Besser in The Jewish Week.
  • Hilary Leila Krieger profiles the rabbi in Michelle Obama’s family, in the Jerusalem Post.

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