Political tidbits: Coleman-Franken won’t be over for weeks, Obama wants Lieberman to stay

  • The Franken-Coleman Senate race might not be decided until after Chanukah, reports Politico.
  • Barack Obama wants Joe Lieberman to continue caucusing with the Democrats, according to the Huffington Post. And Talking Points Memo reports that Bill Clinton is making calls on Lieberman’s behalf.
  • Richard Baehr at the American Thinker raises some questions about the exit poll data on the Jewish vote.
  • Chicago federation leader Michael Kotzin analyzes a portion of Obama’s victory speech dealing with foreign policy, and likes what he heard, in YNet.
  • Former deputy attorney general Jamie Gorelick and 9/11 compensation fund head Ken Feinberg are among the names being floated for attorney general in an Obama administration.
  • It hasn’t even been a full week since his election, and already a Georgia congressman is comparing Obama to Hitler, reports the AP.


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