Israel’s smaller political parties vie for attention


How many of Israel’s 34 political parties can you name?

Up until three weeks ago, each of these parties toiled on their campaigns that perhaps could have yielded a breakthrough into the public consciousness. Now, after the fighting in Gaza threw a monkey wrench into all their plans, and given the minuscule budgets at their disposal, they are pursuing every avenue and every which way in order to garner attention, recognition, and if possible, voters.

  • The big winner politically in the aftermath of the Gaza war has been Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu Party, polls show. To capitalize on anti-Arab sentiment, the party’s ads will highlight anti-Israel quotes from Arab Knesset members, reports the Jerusalem Post.

The country holds a general election on February 10 that pits the Defense Minister against the Foreign Minister in a battle to succeed the outgoing Prime Minister — a perpetually feuding troika that ran Operation Cast Lead. But the likely winner of the vote will be Binyamin Netanyahu, a man who played no role whatsoever in the prosecution of the highly popular offensive against Hamas.

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