Reaction so far to Mitchell pick: thumbs up from IPF, APN and J Street


Here’s what some pro-Israel groups, so far all on the dovish side of the aisle, are saying in response to the appointment of George Mitchell as special envoy to the Middle East:

Israel Policy Forum: "Senator Mitchell possesses the qualities required of an honest broker seeking to help the Israelis and Palestinians reach an agreement that will bring security and peace to Israel and lead to the establishment of a viable Palestinian state."

Americans for Peace Now: "By phoning the leaders of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority during his first hours in the Oval Office and by appointing Senator Mitchell as his Middle East envoy on his second day, President Obama is sending a clear signal to Israelis and their Arab neighbors, a signal of determination and commitment to push for regional peace and security."

J Street: "The choice of Senator Mitchell signals the President’s serious intention to inject new thinking and fresh perspectives into America’s efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." 

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