Reform movement outlines policy objectives


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Restoring and ensuring "economic security" and ensuring universal access to "affordable and quality health care" are the Reform Jewish movement’s top two policy objectives.

The movement outlined its priorities for the coming year Monday in a letter to President Obama from Rabbi David Saperstein, the director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

Other important objectives include supporting religious liberty by not allowing taxpayer dollars to be used on programs that "discriminate on the basis of religion"; maintaining strong support for Israel and the Middle East peace process; enacting "progressive climate and energy legislation"; engaging in international efforts for human rights and economic justice; and making sure judicial nominees support the "fundamental rights" that the movement backs.

Among the policies that the movement calls for to restore "economic security" are a number of provisions that are included in the economic recovery package, including increasing the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage, investing in "green jobs" and modernizing unemployment insurance.

The letter also emphasizes that "solving our nation’s health care crisis is inextricably related to solving our economic problems."

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