Stimulus roundup

  • Joe Lieberman voted for the stimulus bill on Friday night, then walked home, reports Arutz Sheva.
  • National Council of Jewish Women: "By enacting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (HR 1), Congress has taken a much needed step toward economic recovery — and it has done so by investing in critical needs like health care, nutrition, education, and state and local services."
  • Orthodox Union: "Of particular interest to the Orthodox Jewish community, we appreciate the legislation’s allocation of millions of dollars to fund educational services under the Elementary & Secondary Education Act and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act which serve students in need and/or with learning disabilities in our communities and schools."
  • National Jewish Democratic Council: "In a time when our country is facing the most severe economic downturn in recent history, Obama and the Democratic leadership have acted quickly and responsibly to create a bold plan to lead America’s economy out of this crisis."

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