Tidbits: A little pre-Passover cleaning up


A roundup of links from the last few days before Pesach:

  • The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism welcomes President Obama’s speech calling for a future without nuclear weapons.

  • The RAC also celebrates the Vermont legislature’s legalization of same-sex marriage in Vermont.

  • The National Council of Jewish Women celebrates both the Vermont vote and the Washington, D.C. decision to recognize same-sex marriages from outside the city.

  • The Israel Policy Forum sends a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking her to tell the Israelis and Palestinians to stop terrorist attacks and violence, incitment, and actions detrimental to peace — such as settlement expansion, home demolitions in Jerusalem and the dissmination of hate material

  • The Zionist Organization of America condemns Coca-Cola and urges a boycott of its products because the company won’t compensate an Egyptian Jewish family who once owned the property its Egyptian bottling company now owns; the property was illegally taken from the Bigio family by the Egyptian government in 1964 and sold to Coca-Cola 30 years later.

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