Jewish vet group demands action to prevent Taliban nukes


WASHINGTON (JTA) — A Jewish veterans group is urging the United States to do all it can to make sure that the Taliban does not acquire nuclear weapons.

In a statement, the Jewish War Veterans of the USA states that the United States, as the largest foreign aid donor to Pakistan, should "demand that no nuclear weapons be allowed to fall into the hands of the Taliban or be sold to any rogue nation as has already been done with Pakistani nuclear research."

"With the Taliban 60 miles from the Pakistani capital, the time is now to protect both Pakistan and the world even if it requires the United States to assume actual control over the nuclear weapons," the group said in a statement.

The organization notes that even though Pakistan has received $12 billion in U.S. aid over the last seven years, it has failed to purchase equipment to protect the country against the Taliban, instead "focusing its resources on India."

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