Reconstructionist federation lays off three


The Jewish Reconstructionist Federation has laid off three people.

From a release it issued Tuesday:

Jenkintown, PA – News of celebration was tempered with concern as two new congregations joined the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation while three staff members were laid off from the central office in Jenkintown, PA.

The Little Minyan, in Columbus, Ohio and Kol HaNeshamah in Sarasota, Florida were unanimously voted into the JRF at the Spring Board of Directors meeting on May 3.  “We are very happy that the movement keeps growing even as we sadly scale down staff,” says Robert Barkin, JRF President. “It’s no surprise that we are facing difficult economic times as are nonprofits, both religious and secular, around the country. We feel compassion for these employees who are losing their positions. “

Barkin continued: “However, all of our actions as an organization, even these staff reductions, are being instituted in accordance with the strategic plan that we adopted last year. We are confident that we will remain a vibrant institution, as evidence by the confidence these new affiliates have shown through their decision to join our movement.”

Carl Sheingold, JRF’s Executive Vice President, said that a staff realignment in connection with the cuts will help the organization maintain a vibrant program even during these difficult economic times. “While we understand the personal difficulties of this decision,” he said, “we are continuing to move ahead in
education, congregational relations and other key initiatives that make our movement a leader in the Jewish world.”

With the addition of Little Minyan and Kol HaNeshamah, the total of national and international affiliates now comes to 107 congregations and havurot.


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