APN: Speech is ‘golden opportunity’ (UPDATED)


Americans for Peace Now spokesman Ori Nir says that the president’s speech represents a "rare moment in history" and anyone who rejects it will "owe a piercing explanation" to people in the region and Americans. Here’s his full statement:

"For Israel and her neighbors, the President’s speech represents a rare moment in history, a golden opportunity to choose peace over perpetual war, reconciliation over enmity. Those in the region and in America who reject the President’s peacemaking offer, or work to thwart it, will owe a piercing explanation to people in the region, who are paying the price of war with blood, and to Americans, who seek global security and stability."

UPDATE: APN released a lengthier statement this afternoon. It can be seen after the jump:[[READMORE]]

Americans for Peace Now today praised President Barack Obama for his Cairo address, in which he urged Arabs and Israelis to responsibly and pragmatically take action toward reconciliation.

"President Obama today made a compelling connection between political interests and moral values, between pragmatism and tolerance. It is in this mindset that the parties to the conflict should act, using the services of a resolute, popular American president, to push for peace. Israelis, Palestinians and Arab leaders know what they ought to do to generate progress toward peace. It’s time for them to transcend the zero-sum mentality that is so prevalent in the region and work toward peace," said APN’s president and CEO, Debra DeLee.

"This bold speech demands bold action. The President is demonstrating determined, praiseworthy leadership on Mideast peacemaking. He is offering an historic opportunity for Israel and its neighbors. Israeli and Arab leaders must seize the moment. If they fail to do so, they will be responsible for blood shed in the future in the region. For Americans who support Israel, this is also an important moment in which to stand squarely with a President who is doing his utmost to bring peace to Israel," DeLee said.

APN, America’s leading organization advocating for Middle East peace, is today calling on its supporters to make their voice heard in support of the President’s speech.


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