Berkley loves CUFI


Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) got such a positive reception Tuesday afternoon at the Christians United for Israel conference that she joked about switching sides.

Receving a standing ovation after affirming that the wish of some for the "elimination" of the state of Israel will never happen, Berkley marveled at the response she was receiving. So she quipped, "If I wasn’t so Jewish, I’d think about converting right now."

My vote for second most amusing line of the afternoon wasn’t intended to be funny by its speaker. Introducing Weekly Standard executive editor Fred Barnes, panel moderator and longtime conservative Christian activist Gary Bauer lauded Barnes’ fairness and said he’s a journalist who "leaves his ideology at the door."  Wait, what? Considering that the Weekly Standard is an ideologically conservative opinion magazine — and proudly so — it’s not at all an a criticism to ask doesn’t Barnes’ job description require bringing his ideology into work with him?

Barnes then did then proclaim his publication "the most pro-Israel magazine" in the United States.

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