Tired of waiting for U.S. government


To the Editor:

I am sick of this sanctions game the U.S. government is playing with Iran. As a U.S.-born citizen I am embarrassed and sickened by the actions of my own government . It’s treatment of Israel is atrocious.
Playing with Iran is not just careless, but stupid. Playing with the fanatical Iranian regime is to be a fool. You just do not trust cooks with nukes. Period. The only thing that Iran will understand is a show of force. My own country is being invaded by Islam, and this is WAR in my opinion. But try to tell that to the U.S. government. They are not listening to the people. And I have been writing representatives, calling their offices, writing high administration officials, signing petitions — all to no avail. What are they waiting for? An advantageous crisis in America for them? I am tired of talk. Tired of euphemisms. Tired of a government who no
longer represents the people. Israel should not trust, nor depend on the U.S government for anything, but a hard time.

Sylvia Scott
Tampa Bay, Fla.

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