Greek anti-Semitism


To the Editor:

I spent much time in Hania, and I knew a woman who was Greek but liked to practice yoga. When it was found out that she did this totally innocent activity, she was accused of witchcraft and shunned by the community. Imagine, then, a synagogue in such an ignorant environment; enough said.

It could have been anyone — Greek, Palestinian or whatever — but whoever did this is as much like those that shunned my friend as those that shun Jews. I do not go to Greece any longer, as they are anti-Semitic and one need not wait a long time to hear some cliche negative against us. Most especially they make comments about Israelis, who they like as they say only for their money.

Spare us all such a place. So beautiful but for the people like this.

Neil Fiertel
Spruce Grove, Canada

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