‘Big Brother’ Gets a Modern Orthodox contestant


The CBS reality show "Big Borther" has a Modern Orthodox contestant this season, a first for the program. So far, not so good according to Ilana Angel of the L.A. Jewish Journal:

Big Brother premiered last night on CBS and for the first time in twelve years, one of the contestants is a Modern Orthodox Jew.  Dr. Andrew Gordon is a 39 year podiatrist from Miami.  He is the first contestant that we met and let me just say, I didn’t dig him.

Andrew says he will not allow the show to make him compromise his Judaism. There are so many people who don’t know Jews, or like Jews, and have a stereotyped view of who we are as a people, and what it means to be a practicing Jew.  Maybe this guy can change perceptions.

Andrew has one hour to pack for his trip to the Big Brother house.  He packs a pot because he is kosher.  For a quick second there is the hope that this guy is going to be fabulous, and show Judaism in a wonderful way.  Maybe he will breakdown stereotypes.

That hope is shattered in the first second that he opens his mouth.  He walks into the house and screams “Mazel Tov”.  He is immediately labeled as the freaky religious guy.  He is goofy, and comes across as a little weird.  Such a shame.  We were so close.

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