With #carmelfire still burning, Israelis turn to social networks to offer help


The deadly fire in northern Israel, which already cost the lives of 40 people, continues to escelate and reach civilian neighborhoods on the Carmel mountain.

As the reports about the tragedy continue to gather, many Israelis have been using the popular social networks Facebook and Twitter as a tool to offer their assistance.

Throughout Thursday evening, the Israeli social network users have been passing along instructions describing how they can help.

The facebook post, now being virally transmitted between Israeli users says: "Because of the magnitude of the tragedy, there is a need of young, physical fit people to show up at Kerem Maharal for a command center of HaShomer HaChadash organization, for any additional information, please call 050-881-8205."

Similar messages were posted on Twitter as well.

Popular television host Assi Azar, known for his active tweeting, has been updating his twitter page with related information.

In addition, many Israeli Twitter users have been using the hashtag #carmelfire to pass the information along.

The fire has also been a hot topic among American Jewish tweets, as they have been passing information about ways to help with the efforts.

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