Foxman blind on Sharia concerns


To the Editor:

Abraham Foxman’s Op-Ed "Shout down the Sharia myth makers" is a piece penned in self-aggrandizing sanctimony and poison toward any American who is concerned that Sharia will infiltrate society and the U.S. justice system and want to prevent that. Foxman does not just call that concern a pernicious conspiracy theory, he accuses all those who harbor that concern anti-Muslim bigots, paranoid and too stupid to know that not all Muslims are radical Islamists who are pushing for a worldwide caliphate in which Islam and Sharia govern all people.

Setting himself as a supreme authority to whom America must listen, Foxman derisively denounces the 13 states that have considered or already passed bills prohibiting the application of Sharia to U.S. laws, as well as the presidential candidates who have expressed the need for Americans to be vigilant to keep Sharia from insidiously making inroads into the fabric of American laws and society.

Foxman, however, concedes that radical Muslim leaders, imams, advocates and activists in other nations, including the West, have successfully spearheaded the effort to have Sharia infiltrate societies and judicial systems, where it has been used in manifest dangerous ways.

Notwithstanding what has happened in other nations as regards Sharia, Foxman declares it cannot happen in America. But Foxman’s words won’t ease the minds of those who he accuses of being bigots, paranoid and fools. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It is the Americans who clearly see the reality regarding Sharia that gives rise to their concerns and preventative efforts, while Foxman is willfully blind.

Bill Narvey
Calgary, Canada

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