Jewish celebrities tweet about the East Coast Earthquake


Adam Levine, probably tweeting about the earthquake (photo bia Adam Levine's Twitter)

It’s been less than 24 hours since a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit the East Coast, and we can already say that this is by far the most social earthquake in history.
Talking about the earthquake stopped being trendy around Tuesday evening, still… we decided to highlight some of the tweets by the Jewish celebrities:

“Ok. Even GOD is pissed off at Washington now.” – Adam Levine (@adamlevine)

“I just felt the earth shake at lunch!” – Bethenny Frankel (@BETHENNY)

“Sorry for the earthquake NYC, I just did a couple of intense jumping jacks.” – Judah Friedlander (@JudahWorldChamp)

“Breaking News: Earthquake shakes Obama back to the left.” – Albert Brooks (he was Nemo’s dad!) (@Alberbrooks)

“Happy to have been here for the most freakish earthquake Washington DC has ever seen.” – Adam Levine, again.

“um, earthquake in north carolina? it’s nice to feel at home but please, don’t go overboard.” – Elizabeth Banks (@elizabethbanks)

“Thinking of everyone on the east coast , getting updates via twitter. You guys okay???” – Eli Roth (the bear Jew!) (@eliroth)

“Will and Jada Smith separate and the earth trembles. This cannot be a coincidence.” – Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack)

“I’d rather laugh than panic. It’s much healthier.” – Adam Levine is on fire.

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