The 9/11 anniversary special programming featuring Jewish performers.


FDNY Fire FIghters on 9/11. 10 years after, America remembers.

This weekend, as Americans mark the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, some Jewish artists will be a part of television, theater and music specials to commemorate the tragic event.

Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will be featured on “When Pop Culture Saved America: A 9/11 Story,” Sunday at 8 PM EST on Biography Channel. The 90-minute program discusses the aftermath of 9/11 from a pop culture prospective, with Menzel discussing her experience while being a part of the hit musical Wicked.

VH1 will re-air Concert for New York City, which took place in Madison Square Garden in October 2001. The concert featured the likes of Billy Joel, Woody Allen, The Who — plus Adam Sandler performed a humorous 9/11 rendition of his SNL character Operaman.

Science Channel will re-air the Discovery Channel’s six-hour special Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, the documentary about the new tower. It is produced by Steven Spielberg and features the architect of the new World Trade Center, Daniel Libeskind.  It’s set to air Sunday, starting at 11 am EST, on an 18-hour loop.

Tonight (Friday), celebrities including Jeremy Piven, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Noah Emmerich will be a part of a special reading of Sarah Tuft’s 110 Stories, a play that tells stories from people at Ground Zero in the wake of the horror that unfolded.



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