Political Points: Twitter follows Weiner, Jerusalem in court, Sanders vs. the Fed


WHERE’S WEINER?: The New York Times does the journalistic equivalent of a retweet of all the online postings of Anthony Weiner sightings around Manhattan. (But the story came out before this potentially awkward restaurant spotting in Washington by Andrew Breitbart.)

JERUSALEM GOES TO COURT: The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments today in a case about whether American citizens born in Jerusalem should be able to have their birthplace listed as Israel on their passports. Tablet looks at the case’s background and profiles the attorney arguing on the plaintiffs’ behalf.

SCARLETT’S STRINGER: The field of candidates seeking to replace New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is shaping up, and the only Jewish elected official currently in the mix — Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer — enjoys the backing of Scarlett Johansson.

PERRY’S CHURCH SWITCH: CNN looks at Rick Perry’s evolving religious practice, and the Texas governor’s move from a traditional mainline Protestant congregation to a more evangelical mega-church.

LISTING OBAMA: The Forward’s Jane Eisner explains why her paper put President Obama as the 51st name on its annual Forward 50 list.

SANDERS VS. THE FED: Vermont’s socialist senator, Bernie Sanders, writes that there’s something badly wrong with the Federal Reserve system, but unlike Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul, he wants to mend it, not end it.

GIFFORDS ISN’T QUITTING: In case you missed it, Rep. Gabi Giffords sounds in a new book like she may run for office again.

BIDENS AND CANTORS DINE: In last week’s news… the Bidens recently dined with the Cantors, and Talking Points Memo has a photo. (Perhaps the Bidens kvelled a bit about their Jewish doctor son-in-law to be).

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