Drake: ‘I will still perform at Penn State this weekend’


Things are going from bad to unbelievable to surreal up in State College, Penn. Last night, students almost burned their campus down when they found out Joe Paterno had been fired by the board of trustees. Though most students are anxiously awaiting the game against Nebraska this weekend (this is going to be one awkward game), another event is happening tonight — rapper Drake is performing on campus.

While some students were afraid the riots and overall atmosphere would make Drizzy cancel, the Canadian rapper announced on Twitter late last night that he’s still coming:

Despite all that is occuring on campus…I cannot wait to be part of the GREATNESS that is Penn State tmrw…rest well my friends.

Next week Drake’s sophomore album “Take Care” comes out, featuring the almost prophetic songs: “Look What You’ve Done,” “Doing It Wrong,” “Practice,” and “Headlines.” Adding a measure of hope, there’s also the track “We’ll Be Fine,” because we are Penn State. They are, at least.


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