Political Points: Biden in front, GOPers in Jerusalem, Koch wants Bloomberg


BIDEN IN FRONT: The Obama campaign is reportedly planning to use Joe Biden heavily to campaign in battleground states Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida – and the A.P. notes that the vice president connects well with Jewish and white working-class voters who are key in these states.

KOCH WANTS BLOOMBERG: Former New York City mayor (and Jewish swing voter) who has already said he would support President Obama’s reelection now says he wants New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to make a third-party run for the White House in 2012.

BLOOMBERG VS. WASHINGTON: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is busy bashing those inside the Beltway.


GOP REPS’ PILGRIMAGE: Four Republican members of Congress toured Jerusalem with an organization that fights to keep the city united under Israeli rule.

ROMNEY TO BORO PARK?: Blogger Yossi Gestetner says that Mitt Romney is expected to drop in on the Brooklyn Chasidic stronghold of Boro Park next month.

CAIN EXPLAINS: Herman Cain talks foreign policy with The Washington Times and says that the U.s. would stick by Israel if it is attacked because ““they are our friends.”

OBAMA’S FOREIGN CARD: Jim Arkedis of the centrist Progressive Policy Institute thinks that foreign policy should be a winning issue for President Obama, an argument previously made by Democratic strategist Donna Brazile.

THANK WHO?: Some commentators are angry at President Obama for not mentioning God in his Thanksgiving address.

PANNING FRIEDMAN AND BROOKS: Reason’s Matt Welch doesn’t think much of influential New York Times columnists Thomas Friedman and David Brooks.

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