Political Points: Focus on Frank, three Emanuels, Newt’s foreign team


FRANK FRUSTRATION: Rep. Barney Frank said part of the reason he decided to not run for a new term was his frustration with governance in the current politically polarized climate.

BEST OF BARNEY: The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein rounds up some of Barney Frank’s best YouTube moments.

WHO WILL REPLACE FRANK?: Politico looks at the potential candidates for Frank’s seat.


CONGRESS’ LOSS: The Daily Beast’s Michelle Cottle looks at what Congress will lose when Barney Frank retires.

FRANK, FANNIE AND FREDDIE: The American Enterprise Institute’s Peter Wallison says Barney Frank was too late to recognize problems with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

THE BROTHERS EMANUEL: Health care expert Ezekiel Emanuel has a new book out about growing up with his two now-famous brothers — super agent Ari  and super-politician Rahm — in which he notes that they faced anti-Semitism growing up as well as hostility from neighbors over their mother’s civil rights activism.

NEWT’S FOREIGN TEAM: Foreign Policy magazine looks at Newt Gingrich’s foreign policy advisers.

SEEING NEOCONS: Talking Points Memo spots some folks its sees as neoconservatives among Gingrich’s advisers.

WEINER 2028?: Andy Borowitz sees potential.

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