Amar’e Stoudemire teaches Hebrew, for real


So the rumors about the Amar’e Stoudemire’s Hebrew School remain rumors. But the New York Knicks all-star continues with his weekly “Seriously, I am Jewish” segment, this time with an adorable video for “Shalom Sesame,” which teaches young Jewish kids how to say the word “good” in Hebrew.

Stoudemire shows off his Hebrew skills by saying boker tov (good morning), layla tov (good night) and mazel tov (good luck — or in Amar’e’s translation, congratulations).

This Amar’e Jewish business is getting a little bit out of hand. What’s the next Jewish thing Amar’e is going to get up to? Since I very much enjoyed Amar’e’s Halloween costume, I think he should grow that beard out and look like a legit rabbi. Maybe that’s what the Knicks need to bring the championship back to the Big Apple.

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