Claire Danes calls Tel Aviv ‘most intense party town’


Claire Danes visited Conan O’Brien last week and told him about her experience in Israel, calling Tel Aviv the most intense party town she has ever been to. The bars, she said,”are hoppin.”

Danes visited Israel earlier this year when she was filming scenes for her hit show “Homeland,” with Arab-Israeli neighborhoods disguised as villages in Iraq.

Homeland is based on the Israeli show “Hatufim” (POWs), and Danes, the main character, plays a CIA agent who deals with the surprising return of a POW. Not quite sure if Danes would have made the perfect CIA agent, seeing as how she’s unfamiliar with the other side of Israel, the one not consumed by security problems. Next time she describes Israelis at bars, she should find a better choice of words than “blowing off some steam.” Nothing should blow off at a Tel Aviv bar, thank you very much.

But nevertheless, on behalf of the Jewish people, we are all glad that Danes found out that Israel is more than a more accessible Iraq.

Party on!

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