Political Points: GOP Jews’ harvest, sanctions haggling, Berman’s friendly peers


GOP JEWS’ SENATE SPRINGTIME: There are currently no Jewish Republicans serving in the Senate, but that could soon be changing, says former Senator Norm Coleman, who points to three contenders: "We are blessed with many. The harvest is bountiful."

NEGOTIATING IRAN SANCTIONS: Foreign Policy’s Josh Rogin tries to get to the bottom of what’s happening to Iran sanctions in House-Senate conference negotiations, and he hears from the House Armed Services Committee ranking Democrat Adam Smith (D-WA), who says that a claim that he is trying to “water down” the sanctions is "utter and complete bullshit."

BERMAN’S HELPFUL COLLEAGUES: Rep. Howard Berman, locked in a race against fellow Jewish Democratic incumbent Rep. Brad Sherman, is getting some help from 22 members of the California Democratic congressional delegation who are hosting a Capitol Hill fundraiser for him.


SCHUMER VS. MCCONNELL: Sen. Charles Schumer goes after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

HARMONY FROM THE HILL: Two members of Congress from opposite sides of the aisle struck harmonious notes on Israel and the Middle East at a New York lunch.

UNDECIDED JEWISH REPUBLICANS: Philadelphia’s Jewish Exponent speaks with some local Jewish Republicans who aren’t certain which of their party’s candidates they support.

‘ISRAEL FIRSTER’ DRUB AND SCRUB: The blog of the Center for American Progress, — which is disputing recent accusations that it’s not very friendly to Israel — says that it does not “endorse the term ‘Israel firsters’ or demonize the Jewish state.” Commentary’s Alana Goodman notes that a CAP blogger has removed from his Twitter feed previous postings using the phrase “Israel Firsters.”

BLOCK’S DEFENSE: Former AIPAC spokesman Josh Block, who has been trying to draw attention to what he considers objectionable material by Media Matters and Center for American Progress bloggers, defends himself from his critics and continues going on the offensive.

‘TUCHUS KISS-OFF’: Jon Stewart thought Republican presidential hopefuls were being obsequious at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s candidate forum.

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