Political Points: Obama’s loyal bundlers, Mitt won’t commit, GOP Chanukah tweets


OBAMA’S LOYAL BUNDLERS: President Obama’s top Jewish fundraisers from 2008 are sticking with him.

MITT WON’T COMMIT: Mitt Romney isn’t making any promises on Jonathan Pollard and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

TRUMP TRUMPS BLOOMBERG: In a poll looking at the potential impact on possible third-party presidential candidates, Donald Trump pulls more votes than anyone else, including Michael Bloomberg.


OBAMA’S JEWISH CAMPAIGN: Tablet looks at the road ahead for the Obama campaign with Jewish voters.

ENERGETIC ALLIANCE: Congress maintained funding for continued U.S.-Israel cooperation on alternative energy.

MEDAL REVIEW: Congress approved legislation providing for the review of whether Jewish service members were unfairly passed over for Medals of Honor during World War I.

REFUGEE REAUTHORIZATION: Congress reauthorized legislation that facilitates processing for refuge claims by religious minorities from the former Soviet Union and Iran.

FRANK APOLOGIES: Retiring Rep. Barney Frank says there’s nothing wrong with saying “sorry.”

GOP CHANUKAH TWEETS: GOP hopefuls are tweeting their Jewish holiday greetings.

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