Oprah’s encounters with Chasidic Jews to air Feb. 12


Oprah visits a hasidic family

About three months ago we reported that Oprah Winfrey made an unusual visit to a mikvah in Brooklyn Heights as part of her new series, Oprah’s Next Chapter. More details are now available about Oprah’s forthcoming show about Chasidic Jews and their “usually private and mysterious way of life.”

According to OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, “During the episodes, Oprah spends time with two Hasidic Jewish families who give her unprecedented access into their world, revealing secrets into their usually private way of life.  Oprah sits down with a family of twelve as part of her visit, enjoys a traditional meal, and meets one of the few black Hasidic Jewish families in the country.”

Part 1 of the show will be aired February 12, part 2 will be aired the following day.

Watch the trailer here, and check back for updates and reviews of the show. Maybe they end up getting a free car or something.

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