Sandler and Samberg hold Jimmy Fallon’s legs when he’s doing a kegstand


The post-Super Bowl “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” featured Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg. Both have SNL under their belts (Fallon does too), both are very Jewish and, according to Sandler, they both have a pretty similar name — which is enough for them to actually work together on a new movie, “That’s My Boy.”

Not many serious topics were discussed, though Samberg said he had always wanted to play Sandler’s son, since their nose resemblance is just uncanny. Sandler, Samberg and Fallon also impersonated one another — a pretty simple task for Sandler (mentally-challenged 8-year old?), but Sandler’s imitation of Fallon and Samberg was the winner.

Oh yeah, and Jimmy Fallon did a keg stand, with Samberg and Sandler holding his legs. He only lasted five seconds. NERD!!!

Watch all three parts of the interview here:

And the Keg stand:

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