Bar Refaeli plays tennis in the underwear she designed


pictures via @barrefaeli

Sometimes you need to sit back, not think too much, and look at photos of Bar Refaeli playing tennis in her underwear.

As part of a campaign to promote Refaeli’s new underwear line, (formerly known as Undeez), the Israeli supermodel did what she does best: do everyday stuff wearing very little and then post pictures of her doing it on Twitter and Instagram.

On the official website, is described as “a new label of underwear for men and women, designed to simply fit, by Bar Refaeli.”

Refaeli continues the trend of supermodels designing their own lingerie, which started in the 90s with Elle Macpherson and continued later by Gisele.

This whole tennis-in-lingerie thing makes me hope the people of Wimbledon will take a hint from the Lingerie Football League and perhaps schedule some undergarment action on Centre Court. Who’s with me??

Photo via iambarrefaeli on Instagram

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