By restricting Cohen, Academy continues to suck the fun out of the Oscars.


Something you won't be seeing this Sunday

Fine, I understand the Academy.

They wanted to make sure the red carpet event didn’t become a promotional stage, so they prevented Sacha Baron Cohen from attending the Academy Awards this Sunday if he dresses up as General Aladeen from his new movie “The Dictator.”

But come on! Since early development stages of the show, it seems like whoever is in charge doesn’t really want people to be excited it. First Brett Ratner stepped down as director, then Eddie Murphy decided to he can’t host the show without Ratner, then an online campaign to have the Muppets host the show failed when the Academy decided that Billy Crystal is going to host ... again. Then the Academy decided there will be no performances of songs, meaning that once again the Muppets — who are nominated to best song for “Man or Muppet” — will be snubbed. Now they are being party poopers with the whole Sacha Baron Cohen thing.

Cohen already announced that his plan is to dress up like the Dictator only on the red carpet, then switch to tuxedo and attend the show as an invitee as part of the best picture nominee cast of the movie “Hugo.” He has pulled these shenanigans at other awards shows, dressing up as Bruno for the 2009 MTV VMAs. He also asked to present an Academy Award as Borat, which was, again, denied.

Lame. I think there should be an Oscars misfits show featuring Eddie Murphy, the Muppets and Sacha Baron Cohen. I’ll definitely be watching that.

Watch a trailer of The Dictator here:

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