Political Points: Boteach’s platform, Grayson’s crash, Bloomberg-Obama lunch


WILL SHMULEY RUN?: If Rabbi Shmuley Boteach — the author of “Kosher Sex,” “Kosher Adultery,” “The Kosher Sutra” and “Kosher Jesus” — decides to run for Congress in New Jersey, he will be pushing a platform advocating Sabbath blue laws and measures to counteract divorce, while urging his fellow Republicans to chill out about sex.

GRAYSON CAR CRASH: Florida Democratic firebrand and former-and-aspiring congressman Alan Grayson ran a red light and hit a bus, but he emerged unharmed and with a ticket (though two bus passengers suffered minor injuries).

MAHER’S MONEY, SCHUMER’S VIEW: Sen. Chuck Schumer says a pro-Obama Super PAC shouldn’t be expected to give back a $1 million donation from Bill Maher, notwithstanding the comedian’s past sexist remarks aimed at Sarah Palin and others.


BLOOMBERG–OBAMA LUNCH: President Obama had lunch with Michael Bloomberg and reportedly asked the New York City mayor about his future ambitions.

RELIGION-LESS RALLY: Non-believers are going to gather on the national Mall on Mar. 24 for a Reason Rally.

THE BISHOPS’ CHOICE: E.J. Dionne writes that if Catholic bishops continue their attacks on the Obama administration over its contraception compromise (with which, he allows, they have legitimate concerns), they risk turning the church into “the tea party at prayer.”

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