Andy Samberg does a ‘Bourne’-style ad


Musician and comedian Andy Samberg is the newest addition to the long list of celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs. He made a video ad to promote a new travel website venture called in which he is a partner.

In the video, which pays tribute to the “Bourne” series, Samberg wakes up in a hotel room and finds that he speaks French, knows martial arts, can tame a Cobra using a flute, paints images of the Brazilian coast from memory and other extremely random things — all to end in a very Samberg-esque promo for CanaryHop, a “marketplace for activities, tours, lessons and experiences,” or kind of a mashup of Groupon, Expedia and TimeOut that connects the provider of the activity (a “canary”) and the person who does the activity (the “hopper”), as they later tweet or Facebook about it to increase the buzz.

Watch the video here:




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