Drake reenacts his Bar Mitzvah for a new music video


I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with music videos of Jewish Canadian rapper Drake, but much like his fellow rappers, Drake’s songs usually feature a lot of women, dancing and alcohol. For his new song “HYFR” (Hell Yeah F****ng Right) from his sophomore album “Take Care,” Drizzy definitely kept all of the above, though this time it was of a little different nature.

The party in the music video is a bar mitzvah (not an actual bar mitzvah, though he did also have one of those). Drake chose to return to his roots, as evidenced by photos leaked from the set that were released over the weekend. The “bar mitzvah” was filmed at Temple Israel in downtown Miami, and the video will feature Lil’ Wayne, as well as Trey Songz, Birdman and DJ Khaled.

According to website Rapdose, Drake stuch around after the shoot to sign autographs and take photos with moms and teachers at the temple school and daycare center.

He truly is a man now.


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