Ricky Gervais jokes about Anne Frank, upsets people


Not quite sure exactly why Anne Frank was Ricky Gervais’ latest target, but last week when Gervais visited “The Daily Show” for an interview with Jon Stewart, it took him only a few seconds to drop his Holocaust joke bomb.

Gervais, who is promoting his show “An Idiot Abroad,” said that his show’s co-star, Karl Pilkington, is so out of it that he thought the Frank family decided to hide to avoid paying rent. When Stewart seemed uncomfortable, Gervais did what he does best, took it a step further, saying that the “Nazis must be stupid” for taking so long to find the Franks.

Unsurprisingly, some people took offense. One of them, Dan Bloom of Boston, started a petition to boycott Gervais and Pilkington and calling them “ugly and sick antisemetic Brits.”

Stewart responded to the awkwardness with a good ole Jesus joke.

Watch it here:


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