Jack Black sings ‘Chad Gadya’ (VIDEO)


Jack Black really cares about his children’s education.

Although he is a self-proclaimed atheist, Black doesn’t mind using his Jewish background to get his kids into Hebrew school. Black told Conan how he showed off his wide knowledge of the Passover “Chaggadah” (Black’s pronunciation) and the famous song “Chad Gadya,” of which he even sang a snippet.

Black said he likes how dark the song is, calling it the “original heavy metal song,” and testifying how he enjoyed the drawings of the Angel of Death in the Haggadah as a boy. He also described “Chad Gadya” as “very Black Sabbath.” Jack Black? Sabbath? Black Sabbath? Get it?

Watch it here, I think he deserves to have his kids in a Hebrew school with this rendition.

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