Manger anger? Delta pulls ‘Daily Show’ ads


A few weeks ago we reported that Jon Stewart’s “vagina manger” joke has angered the Catholic League, which started a boycott campaign in response. Now a major company is pulling its ads from “The Daily Show”: Delta Airlines. Coincidence?

While Delta spokeswoman Leslie Parker told Buzzfeed that the airline is “constantly evaluating our advertising strategy and at this time no longer advertise during The Daily Show,” she denied the decision was directly influenced by Stewart’s joke or by the Catholic League’s campaign.

Nevertheless, on the Catholic League’s website, which has become obsessed with Stewart, the group’s president, Bill Donohue, congratulated Delta and wrote: “I encourage everyone to choose Delta the next time they fly. We need to support advertisers who act responsibly.”

Donohue is also looking toward the next target: Kellogg’s. According to Donohue, “today all the top management at Kellogg’s will receive a color photo of a naked woman with her legs spread and a nativity scene ornament in between. Let’s see if that jars them. Over 700 photos have been sent to leaders in Battle Creek, Michigan.”

Cornflakes, anyone?

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