Andy Samberg speaks to Harvard grads (VIDEO)


“Saturday Night Live” and “Lonely Island” comedian spoke at Harvard’s Class Day ceremonies yesterday. Among his speech: A Mark Wahlberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Nicolas Cage impressions, and gave some tips:

“2012 is a great time to be graduating from college,” Andy told the kids, who will get their diplomas today. “Sure, the job market’s a little slow. Health care and Social Security will evaporate in five years. And you’ll have to work until you’re 80 to support your 110-year old parents who will live forever thanks to nano-technology … but that doesn’t matter.”

But he added some encouraging words:

“You know it’s hard to know where life will take you from here. What adventures you’ll have, what sitcoms you’ll write for. But my advice to you is simple: RELAX, DUDE! You just finished college at Harvard. You worked so hard. Trust me, you’re going to kill it. I went to Santa Cruz then transferred to film school, and I’m RICH!”

Watch the full video here.

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