As Romney hails Israeli health, Ezra Klein asks: If it’s good for Israel, how about us?


Mitt Romney yesterday praised the Israeli health system, noting that the Jewish state spends far less of its GDP on health care than does the U.S. and is still a “pretty healthy nation.”

Liberal Washington Post pundit Ezra Klein finds Romney’s praise noteworthy:

Romney’s point about Israel’s success in controlling health care costs is spot on: Its health care system has seen health care costs grow much slower than other industrialized nations.

How it has gotten there, however, may not be to the Republican candidate’s liking: Israel regulates its health care system aggressively, requiring all residents to carry insurance and capping revenue for various parts of the country’s health care system.


Romney’s and Klein’s praise notwithstanding, it’s worth noting that not all is peachy with Israel’s health care system.

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