Madison Beer now a spokesperson against bullying


Remember Madison Beer?  She is the 13-year-old aspiring singer, who was recently discovered by Justin Bieber in a supportive Tweet, which pretty much means winning the lottery. And apparently Beer understood that with great power comes great responsibility, since she used her new popular platform of more than 36,000 followers (many of whom are Beliebers and now go under the code name “BeerBabes”)  to talk about a serious issue – bullying.

Two days ago, Beer tweeted: “I hate bullys (sic). I think of what happened in makes me cry. I was bullied. By one kid,Tormented.Im sorry for anyone who went thru it”

Why would anyone want to bully Madison? She is adorable!

The loyal Beerbabes immediately responded, in a very, umm, Beliebery and supportive fashion:

Bullying has been a much-discussed topic lately, especially with the help of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga constantly speaking out against it.




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