Shimon Peres comments on Romney’s U.S. embassy remarks


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Israeli President Shimon Peres and asked him about Mitt Romney’s expression of support for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem (a comment that the Republican candidate made in his own interview with Blitzer).

Peres responded that no Israeli who would object to such a proposal but noted that U.S. presidential candidates have promised in the past to move the embassy and then found it difficult to follow through after being elected. Peres concluded that he would support such a move and believes it is possible. (It would have been interesting if Blitzer had asked Peres about the back and forth between Romney and the White House on Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital.)

Peres also said (see video below) that Iran’s leaders and policies are "a pain in the neck of the entire world" (not to mention the tuchus).

Here is a transcript of the full interview (transcribed by someone who apparently doesn’t understand Peres’ accent very well). The portions dealing with the embassy issue are below:


BLITZER: I interviewed Mitt Romney here in Jerusalem, the Republican presidential candidate. Not only did he say that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, but he also said that if he were elected president, he would move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem following consultations with the government of Israel depending on what the government of Israel said. The question to you, Mr. President, would you want the United States to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

PERES: I don’t think there is any Israeli that would say no to such a proposal. But we have some other problems and that is what will happen about (INAUDIBLE) Jerusalem and there are other claims, but basically would say yes.

BLITZER: So if he was elected and said to you, the president of Israel should the U.S. move the embassy, you would say yes?

PERES: I don’t want to introduce any doubt, but it’s not the first time that presidents in the past have promised it the same thing and they found it difficult to fulfill it. (INAUDIBLE) to answer you with a little bit of reserve.

BLITZER: Because other U.S. candidates have made that commitment —


BLITZER: Only when they took office they didn’t live up to it.

PERES: When they took over they saw that it’s a little bit more complicated. But basically I believe it is possible and I am for it.


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