Conservatives assail Romney spokeswoman for touting Mass. health care law


Romney campaign press secretary Andrea Saul — who happens to be Jewish — is under fire from conservatives over remarks in which she touted the virtues of the health care law that her boss signed into law as governor of Massachusetts.

Saul made the remark in the course of rebutting an attack ad that attempts to implicate Romney in the cancer death of a former steelworker’s wife. She noted that if the steelworker had lived in Massachusetts, he would have had health care.

Ann Coulter said that Saul should be fired, and that Romney’s big donors should stop writing checks until she is. Rush Limbaugh also wasn’t pleased.

Saul has also recently been the subject of some criticism from the left, with Mother Jones and Greenpeace taking aim at her work on climate issues when she was employed by the DCI Group, a Washignton lobbying and public affairs firm.


Saul injected a Jewish element to the campaign a couple months ago when she proposed a test to determine whether media coverage of Mitt Romney’s Mormonism is kosher. “Our test to see if a similar story would be written about others’ religion is to substitute ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewish,’” Saul said.

She invoked her own Jewish heritage six years ago when she was Conservative Political Action Conference’s media director and an Air America radio host called the conference a “convocation of neo-Nazis.” At the time, Saul replied: "I’m all for a difference of opinion, but this is entirely uncalled-for, and all the more offensive when you consider that I’m Jewish, lost family in the Holocaust and had a grandfather almost killed during WWII."


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