Rabbis for Obama


The Obama campaign has released a Rabbis for Obama list featuring more than 600 rabbis.

For kicks, I crosschecked the list against Newsweek’s unscientific 2012 America’s Top 50 Rabbis list. By my count, 10 of the rabbis from the Newsweek list (which actually includes 53 names) are on the Rabbis for Obama list.


The rabbis who are on both lists are: Sharon Brous, Rolando Matalon, Burton Visotzky, Irwin Kula, Shai Held, Zalman Schachter, Andy Bachman, Laura Geller, Rachel Cowan and David Ingber.

Many of the rabbis on the Newsweek list are leaders of large organizations, institutions or congregations and might be reluctant to wade into electoral politics.

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