GOP focuses on entrepreneurship, gives Walker a warm welcome


The Republican convention’s theme for Tuesday is "We Built It." It’s a rebuke to President Obama’s suggestion back in July  that entrepreneurs cannot claim credit for building their businesses without acknowledging the role that public goods such as infrastructure and education played in these achievements.

Videos highlighting portions of Obama’s remarks (the president’s soundbite that the GOP loves to repeat: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that") were interspersed during today’s convention schedule with addresses by entrepreneuers. Speaker after speaker took aim at the president for his remarks and argued that he has been bad for business. 


A related theme stressed by speakers was the notion that expansive government is bad for business. 

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin received a warm welcome from GOP convention-goers. He, of course, was the target of an unsuccessful recall effort spurred by his fierce clashes with public employee unions.

While Walker did not explicitly refer to unions, he did argue that the policies he has supported have improved the state’s business climate and helped its economy.

"Mitt Romney understands, like I understand, that people, not governments, create jobs," Walker said.

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