Mel Brooks curses out Jerry Seinfeld


The legendary comedian and filmmaker Mel Brooks and fellow funnyman Carl Reiner met up with Jerry Seinfeld for Seinfeld’s web show “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” During one of takes from the filming, we find Brooks being extremely unhappy about Seinfeld’s decision to end his popular show “Seinfeld,” even 15 years after it actually happened.

However, it was the way the 86-year-old Brooks chose to emphasize his protest that was unusual, since he did that by using the F word about half dozen times. Seinfeld tried to defend himself by comparing it to gambling, longer you play the more you’ll end up paying, but when Reiner intervened and said that he too was offered a serious pay increase to continue “The Dick Van Dyke Show” but refused, Brooks turned to him as well and said,  “He has the same f*cking disease!”

Full episode can be found here.

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