Meet ‘Yenta!’ – the Jewish Grindr dating app



In the beginning, there was grandma.

Grandma’s mission was to find you a husband/wife. Then technology evolved and brought dating websites to our life.

Then it evolved even more, and added a Jewish dating website, and topped that with social networking for additional stalking.

All the single ladies (and gentlemen), forget about all those old ways to meet your next Jewish love.

Introducing the “Yenta!” mobile app!

The “Yenta!” app (of course that’s its name) follows the successful footsteps of “Grindr,” the location-based mobile app for LGBT singles, and allows users to find Jewish singles close to they are, as long as they qualify for the users’ requirements such as “What’s your shtick?” and “how Jewish are you?”

This seriously cannot get any more simple than that, though I know some New York neighborhoods that may cause your iPhone to explode from potential over-usage.

Check out the New York Post video:

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