Ex-Mossad chief on Iran: We need ‘people who are solution orientated and not war orientated’


Think Progress reports on remarks made by former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy at the Wilson Center in Washington.

Among the remarks from Halevy highlighted by Think Progress:

I think the use of the red line creates clarity on the one hand and it also creates a commitment that not always can be met. And therefore, I personally felt that the use of a red line is not conducive to the ultimate aim.

According to Think Progress, Halevy also said that leadership is needed from “people who are solution orientated and not war orientated,” called a military strike a “last resort” and called for “Sanctions, more sanctions, more sanctions and many other things. The fact of the matter is the sanctions have not brought the end to the program but sanctions are hurting very much.”

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