Natalie Portman Dior Ad pulled after costumers complain


Apparently the British costumers of Dior’s “Show New Look Mascara” are not happy with the product’s performance.

In addition, the fact that the face of the campaign is Natalie Portman didn’t really matter, because a complaint accused Dior of airbrushing the ad, because it enhances the effects of the mascara.

The mascara is supposed to  “thickens, separates and extends the lashes for an infinitely multiple lash effect,” but according to Huffington Post, receives pretty lousy reviews.

Dior, as a result, agreed to immediately withdraw the ad, and by that eliminating any discussion and investigation over digital enhancement to Portman’s photo.

Unfortunately to them, it also withdrawing a perfectly good photo of Natalie Portman.

So is the ad airbrushed?

natalie portman dior ad banned

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